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Only Hovis


We are changing all our bread packs to incorporate the Union Jack behind the Hovis logo, and an eye catching consistent blue band to flag our work with Britain's farmers to develop premium wheat grown right here in the UK to produce loaves with flour made from 100% British Wheat**  and our ‘no artificial preservatives’ message.   

The TV adverts planned for the New Year will reprise our much-loved ‘Go on Lad’ story featuring a young boy's journey through time, highlighting quintessential British scenes such as the Queen's Silver Jubilee, in the ultimate British year!


* versus the two other leading, national  bread brands (based on sales, excluding retailers' brands)

Flour made with 100% British Wheat, excludes product baked in Northern Ireland

** for more information on 100% British wheat please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  page on this website