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100% British Wheat

Until recently, to get the best quality wheat, we had to source from overseas, which didn’t feel right to us. So over the past 6 years, Hovis has been working with British farmers to find a way to grow the best quality wheat in Britain too, and in 2010 we were able to switch our sourcing to 100% British wheat for all our GB Bakeries. We now work with over 450 British farmers to grow premium “red” wheat exclusively for us, right here in Britain. We are proud to be the first and only major national bread brand to use 100% British Wheat in every loaf we bake*. This means you can continue to enjoy the great taste of Hovis, happy in the knowledge that you are also supporting British farming.

We work closely with our community of British farmers, and are so committed to working with them, we even created a TV advert for our Soft White range which champions the lengths they go to, to produce quality British wheat. Stephen and Richard are two of our real life wheat farmers who also appeared in the advert, and are passionate about growing wheat for Hovis.

“I feel proud to be working with a brand like Hovis, to see your product actually finished on the supermarket shelf and being eaten by the British public” – Stephen Rash, Hall Farm Wortham.

“By getting involved you feel like you are part of a whole family circle” – Richard Burniston, North End Farm, York. 


For more information about British Wheat visit our FAQ page

* Flour milled from 100% British Wheat only applies to product baked in Great Britain.