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Media Contacts

Brand PR

Tel: 020 7611 3851
Contact: Rachel Gurr

Trade PR

Cirkle Communications
Tel: 01494 680727
Main contact: Carrie Pitt (carrie.pitt@cirkle.com)

  • Hovismasterlogolarge1

    Hovis Ltd

    Great news - we're going to be part of a new joint venture company Hovis Ltd, bringing new investment for our brand. Our tasty products won't be affected, but we're excited for the future of Hovis!

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  • Festivetutorial2012articlel

    Hovis' Toast to Christmas

    Working with renowned home cook, Lorna Brash, a selection of four edible Christmas decorations have been created using toasted Hovis bread.

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  • Farmersloafwmealarticlelarg

    British farming charm set to awaken the nation to Hovis’ new British Farmers Loaf

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  • Farmersloafarticlelarge

    Farmers Loaf

    To celebrate our heritage and work we have done with British Farmers we have baked the British Farmers Loaf. To view the new advert, please click on the weblink ....

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  • Jubileelarge

    Lookout for the striking Hovis Soft White Union Jack design Image

    The much loved Union Jack pack for Hovis Soft White is back this March. The striking design celebrates Hovis’ British credentials and highlights its use of flour milled with British Wheat.

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