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South West of England
South West of England
South Wales

Getting ready for your journey

If you already have a bike and it's been lying around the shed for a few years, you will need to make sure it is still safe to ride so make a start with the following checks: 

  • Make sure both brakes work well
  • Ensure both tyres are pumped up, not only for your safety but this will make it much easier to ride as well
  • Your saddle is at the correct height - as a rough guide, when sitting on the saddle your heel should rest on the pedal with your knee very slightly bend 
  • Make certain the handle bars are tightened so they do not move when pressure is applied from the top; check that with the front wheel between your legs the handle bars cannot be turned
  • Ensure your gears work smoothly  

If you are unsure about any of the above take your bike to your nearest bike shop for a quick service.