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Hovis Chatter

  • Debbie Ferretbabe Davies

    I am getting most frustrated when i go shopping, all i want is a 400g hovis wholemeal but they all seem to be medium sliced.... I want the thin sliced one, whats going on, on line is not different

    Sep 17
  • Extreme Couponing UK

    It's Wednesday, so you know what that means... new Shopitize offers. This week you can take advantage of the following - 5p Hartley's Jelly when picked up for 25p in Tesco or Morrison's with 20p cashback - 70p Hovis best of both rolls when purchased for £1 in Sainsbury's with 30p cashback - £1.40 Birds Eye fish fillet burgers when brought for £2.00 in Asda with 60p cashback - £1.50 Birsd Eye beef grills. Buy these from Asda or Sainsbury's for £2.00 and use the 50p cashback - 75p Shloer when purchased at Morrisons for £1.25 with 50p cashback. If you still have your 50p Shloer coupon you can get your next bottle for 25p! Bargain! See the rest of their new deals here:http://bit.ly/1BLLa1X

    Sep 17
  • Bev Allen

    I bought the £1 medium and thick sliced and for the last few times they have been very dry, any reaon for this please ?

    Sep 16

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