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Muesli Toast Recipe

Muesli Toast



What you need


2 slices medium-sliced Hovis Wholemeal bread

1 small banana, mashed

1 tsp chopped mixed nuts

1 tsp raisins

1 tsp Gale’s Honey

How to make it


1. Lightly toast 2 slices of bread then divide the mashed banana between each slice.

2. Top with a sprinkling of chopped nuts and sultanas then drizzle over some honey.

Per serving

278 Calories, 18g Sugars, 5.5g Fat (of which 0.9g Saturates), 0.8g Salt, 6.2g Fibre*


*Recipe nutrition information is calculated and based on average servings.

Hints and tips

Quick Fix: Slice the banana and eat on the go as a sandwich