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Hummus, Cherry Tomatoes and Spring Onions Recipe

Hummus, Cherry Tomatoes and Spring Onions



We have put together 6 lunch recipes that are healthy, nutritious and tasty.

Serves 1
What you need

1 tbsp low fat hummus

5 cherry tomatoes

1 spring onion

2 slices Hovis Hearty Oats bread

How to make it

1. Toast both slices of the bread. Meanwhile, slice the spring onion and chop cherry tomatoes into quarters.

2. Lightly spread toast with the hummus and top with chopped tomatoes and spring onion. Eat as topped-toast or as a sandwich.

Per serving

276 Calories, 5.4g Sugars, 6.7g Fat (of which 1.1g Saturates) 9.5g Fibre, 1.4g Salt*


*Recipe nutrition information is calculated and based on average servings.