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Grilled Flat Mushrooms and Poached Egg on Toast Recipe

Grilled Flat Mushrooms and Poached Egg on Toast



We have put together 6 lunch recipes that are healthy, nutritious and tasty.

Serves 1
What you need

2 large flat mushrooms 

1 medium egg 

10g low fat spread 

2 slices of medium-sliced Hovis Wholemeal bread

How to make it

1. Heat grill to a high heat. Season mushrooms with pepper, lay on a non-stick baking tray and spray with low calorie cooking spray. Grill for 10 mins until cooked. 

2. While the mushrooms are cooking prepare your poached egg. Place a pan over a gentle heat and add 1inch (2.5cm) of boiling water. Open the egg and pour carefully into the centre of the frying pan. As the water comes back to a boil, turn down to barely simmering for a further couple of minutes until the egg is cooked. 

3. Put the Hovis Wholemeal bread on for toasting as soon as you place the egg in the water. Spread the toast with low fat spread and top with the cooked mushroom and poached egg. Season to taste. 

Per serving

326 Calories, 3.3g Sugars, 15.2g Fat (of which 3.8g Saturates), 1.3g Salt, 6.3g Fibre *


*Recipe nutrition information is calculated and based on average servings.