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Did you know...

Bread is the major source of fibre in our diet, providing a fifth of our daily intake, half of which comes from white bread (source: NDNS Survey 2001).

Healthy Lunch Recipes


Why not try one of our healthy lunch recipes this week.

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  • Original Wheatgerm

    Original Wheatgerm

    Hovis has a rich history that began way back in 1886 with a miller by the name of Richard ‘Stoney’ Smith.

  • Sugars in Bread

    Sugars in Bread

    Sugar consumed in small quantities and as part of a healthy balanced diet does not pose any health risk.

  • Bread is Good

    Bread is Good

    Bread has been a staple in the diet of many cultures for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

  • Benefits of Wheatgerm

    Benefits of Wheatgerm

    Wheatgerm is the part of the wheat grain that Hovis was founded on over 120 years ago. Read on to find out more about the benefits of wheatgerm...

  • Hovis and Bread

    Hovis and Bread

    From bacon sandwiches to good old toast… we do love a tasty loaf of bread. It’s been a staple food in Britain for generations.

  • Wholegrains


    You probably already know you need to eat less fat, sugar and salt, and eat more fruit and vegetables but did you know you should also be eating more wholegrain foods?

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